Titoki Christian Healing Centre Prayer Ministry

Titoki Christian Healing Centre Whakatane New Zealand exists to offer everyone the opportunity to experience wholeness, enrichment and transformation of life through our Lord Jesus Christ.

What Titoki Offers

  • Hospitality and time out
  • Group retreats and seminars
  • Accommodation in motel styled rooms in the main house and self-catering cottages in the garden
  • Prayer Ministry, and Spiritual Direction
  • Debriefing
  • Weekly Chapel Service
  • Personal retreats for renewal and relaxation
  • Shalom House - free self-catered accommodation for missionaries.

Titoki can accommodate groups of up to 30 people in comfort with everything supplied. Whiteboard, video/DVD player and power point projector available.

Motel styled rooms in main house and self-catering cottages in the garden are available for family holidays.

Titoki is set on ten acres of quiet and peaceful park like grounds and is central to Whakatane township, Awakeri Hot Pools and Ohope beach, all within half an hours drive.

Transformational Prayer Ministry (a prayer process that helps to reveal the source of our emotional pain and heal us) and Spiritual Direction is available. Many people come to Titoki for spiritual ministry and prayer, spending a few days to experience God’s healing touch for emotional past and historic wounds in their lives. 

At Titoki we offer a 5-day, 4-night debriefing retreat process to help those who have served in missions and ministry process the many pressures they faced in that context. We use a structured model that incorporates both psychological tools and Scripture, with time built in for reflection and prayer. 

A weekly chapel service for worship, healing prayer and communion is held each Wednesday morning at 10.00am in the chapel. Everyone is welcome to join our guests and community for this service.

Personal Retreats for time out, renewal and relaxation. Anyone who needs time out from their demands of constant daily life will find a relaxing haven here at Titoki Christian Healing Centre.

We also offer free self-catered accommodation at Shalom House for missionaries. Shalom House is a restful space, located on Titoki's property. This has been made possible by the collaboration of Mary Atkin Trust and The Titoki Healing Centre Trust.