Titoki Christian Healing Centre Events & Retreats: September 2016

Events and retreats offered by Titoki Christian Healing Centre, a rural retreat near Whakatane New Zealand for everyone to experience wholeness, enrichment and transformation of life through Jesus Christ.

  • A summary of feedback from the people who come to stay at Titoki
    Posted: Friday 23 September 2016
  • We are excited to hold a Wicking Garden Workshop Saturday, November 12th. Wicking beds are easily assembled and becoming very popular due to their low water consumption, quick growing times and simple construction. Titoki is planning to create it's own wicking garden and together with guests from the Good Neighbour's Trust, will be presenting an interactive workshop where members of the community can come together to learn how it's done.
    Posted: Monday 19 September 2016
  • Step through into the "Sacred Garden" where we will come together and use spiritual practices to deepen our life in Christ. Titoki will be hosting this special retreat, where we will explore times of silence, guided reflection and creative opportunities. Come join us in the lovely surrounds of Titoki's own sacred gardens to enjoy a great time of contemplation, conversation and going deeper in our walks with the Lord.
    Posted: Tuesday 13 September 2016