Titoki Christian Healing Centre Events & Retreats: December 2018

Events and retreats offered by Titoki Healing Centre, a rural retreat near Whakatane New Zealand for everyone to experience wholeness, enrichment and transformation of life through Jesus Christ.

  • Calligraphy can be so relaxing. Come and learn a new skill or improve on what you already know!
    Learn basic italic lower and upper case on a grid to understand the letter structure with Marian Riddell. Using a calligraphy duo pen, you will learn the strokes that make up this beautiful and versatile style. Marian will demonstrate each letter for you to fully understand how the strokes are made. She will also demonstrate how to hold the pen correctly. After practicing all the letters, you will be encouraged to complete a small piece of calligraphy to extend your new skill. Detailed notes are provided so you can practice at home.
    Posted: Wednesday 12 December 2018