History of Titoki Healing Centre

The Rev Don Ferguson made the decision to start the Titoki Healing Centre in  1975

The previous owners of the 10 acre block were keen to see the property used as a Healing Centre, and were very supportive of the idea. The name Titoki came from not only the road on which it is situated , but the large Titoki tree just inside the main gate. The Titoki tree has healing properties known to the Maoris who used the berries and the leaves. A berried sprig of Titoki is the logo on our stationary. 

  • Originally the centre had nurses on site for after hospital convalescence and access to doctors
  • There is often a strong connection to physical pain from emotional pain, and there has always been an emphasis at Titoki of walking with the guest to a place of freedom with Gods presence
  • The different staff members bring an individual flavour to the atmosphere , but the main emphasis on the presence of God continues to be the focus of Titoki
  • Is the Retreat Centre only for Christians? Definitely not. The warmth and love often talked about by visitors is not at all selective
  • Buildings have been added to the property over the years and today staff and guests enjoy a comfortable setting in park like surroundings
  • Volunteers form a huge part of the working network. Their tasks range from preserving, mowing lawns, painting, and to gardening. Their help is invaluable