COVID-19: What does Level Four mean for Titoki

COVID-19: What does Level Four mean for Titoki

With the Covid-19 outbreak in New Zealand, the government has set up a four-level system that is aimed at reducing a community infection outbreak.

Community infection is when a person catches Covid-19 without having travelled from overseas, or being in contact with someone who has travelled from overseas. To date, we have 205 cases of Covid-19 in New Zealand, with two cases confirmed as Community infection (expect these numbers to double each day from here out).

This development has moved the government to transition to Level 4: Starting tonight at 11:59pm.

More information about the four-level system can be found here:…/covid-19-alert-system/


- All residents living at Titoki must stay at home unless accessing essential services.

- Titoki does not classify as an essential service, so we MUST close to visitors, volunteers, contractors who do not live on site.

- As of Thursday, 26th March 2020, breaches of self-isolation for non-essential services will be enforced by NZ Police and NZ Defence Officers and carries both fines and jail time.

- If anyone who has been at Titoki becomes an infected case, Public Health officials will contact trace and need to know where they have been. Titoki will be named as a place that breached the Level Four restrictions and this information will be released within the media as a public health service. We do not want this happening to us.

The Titoki residents, and wider community have multiple people who fit the profile as high-risk of carrying or catching Covid-19 (over 60 yr olds, immuno-compromised people, and those that have recently travelled overseas). For that reason, I would like to suspend all volunteers that come to Titoki; these people should be self-isolating under Level Four at any rate.

These are crazy times - but God is moving throughout it all. Miraculous things are happening and His protection is good, His preparation is beyond what we can comprehend - and in the recovery of this situation, He will be there.

God bless.

Posted: Wed 25 Mar 2020