Contemplative Retreat | September 20 - 22, 2019

Contemplative Retreat | September 20 - 22, 2019

Would you like a fresh encounter with God? Or maybe you've had a well-reasoned faith but would like to know if there's more of God to be experienced? To attend this retreat all you need is curiosity, openness and expectation. I am confident that God will do the rest. Suitable for beginners.

Consider joining us for what is going to be an anointed time in the beautiful and tranquil setting of the Titoki Healing and Retreat Centre. All meals are fully catered, and accommodation is comfortable and restful.


About Our Retreat Facilitator 

Bert Schoneveld 

The retreat will be facilitated by Rev Bert Schoneveld, who has a long history of service at Titoki. He is our previous Titoki Chaplain, minister, gardener, occasional spiritual director and serves on the Titoki Board of Trustees.


A Retreat Experience for You Who May Be

New to Contemplative Retreats

This retreat aims to help you experience and explore the contemplative aspects of our Christian Faith. 

Part of the exploration will include the following aspects: -

1. What is meant by contemplation and contemplative prayer.

2. Taking a contemplative walk.

3. Praying the Scriptures, introducing the ancient practice of sacred reading.

4. Prayer time, posture and place.

5. The value of solitude and silence.

6. Journaling

7. Spiritual Direction and choosing a Spiritual Director.

We will also be open to explore contemplative topics requested by retreatants.


What is the Cost?

2 nights and 2 days. The retreat cost includes the facilitator’s fee, accommodation at Titoki and all your meals:  

- Premium room with ensuite, $280

- Single bed and shared bathroom, $250

- Double room with ensuite, $430


How do I book?

Please contact us at to register or call us on 07 308 6503 if you have any questions.  We look forward to meeting and hosting you.

The Titoki Team

Posted: Wednesday 7 August 2019