Directed Silent Retreat at Titoki | July 4 - 8, 2018

A Directed Silent Retreat at Titoki | July 4 - 8, 2018.

Do you feel like you could use some personal time to recharge and reconnect with the heart of God? 

Consider joining us for what is going to be an anointed time at our Silent Retreat in the beautiful and tranquil setting of the Titoki Healing and Retreat Centre. All meals are fully catered and accomodation is comfortable and restful.

The retreat will be faciliated by Rev Bert Schoneveld, who has a long history of service at Titoki. He is our Titoki Chaplain, minister, apprentice gardener and occasional spiritual director.


Personal Message from Rev Bert.

" The activities we are engaged in are endless. There is always something to get organised, co-ordinate or someone to see.  In this we may be driven by the expectations of the church we serve or by our colleagues or even our own conscience.

The notion of standing aside from such busyness is risky.  One of the risks is that God may encounter us in the silence of being still. Of course that is good.  The risky part is that we may no longer be in control when the risen Lord acts upon us.

To see God at work in ourselves, when all our responsibilities are in suspension, means that we have deliberately chosen to make room to let God see, hear and touch us with divine grace.

As believers, we need this in order to effectively keep on ministering to others. 

In Matthew 5:8 there is a hint that we need this time out, so that we may remain single minded (that is my understanding of being pure in heart) in our devotion to the Lord.  There are numerous voices, gurus, programmes, ideas and theologies which are constantly distracting us from that call to purity of heart. ie. meeting with the 'I am' in the raw realities of our own inner life.

By submitting ourselves to the divinely filled silence, we open ourselves to the compassion and transforming love of Christ.  It is my hope and prayer that as you consider attending this retreat at Titoki that you may be led and guided by the Spirit of Christ. "

Why silence?

We live in a world full of noise.  Every day we hear a multiplicity of voices through the radio, TV and the internet.  Add to these any negative internal voices from within and there sometimes arises a need to step away and take time out to hear the voice of God more clearly.

What is the format?

Retreatants are invited to arrive Wednesday the 4th in time for our 10am chapel service.    Each day there will be corporate times of worship and opportunities for participants to engage in times of personal spiritual direction.  The retreat will end with a Sunday morning service on the last day.

What is the cost?

4 nights and 5 days -  Premium room with ensuite, $520.                                                                                                                                       Single bed and shared bathroom, $460

If financial constraints would prevent you from attending, please contact us.

How do I book?

Please contact us at to register or call us on 07 308 6503 if you have any questions.  We look forward to meeting and hosting you.

Keith & Lynda Jellyman & The Titoki Team

Posted: Wednesday 14 March 2018