Naturally Supernatural Activation Conference | November 24-26


"The Naturally Supernatural Activation Conference"

November 24-26, 2016

PLEASE NOTE: This conference has been moved to Knox Presbyterian Church in Whakatane..

The conference is called "The Naturally Supernatural Activation Conference" and will be facilitated by Joe Mathews, Danny Smith and Carol Rigby.

Jesus' ministry was supernatural.  He healed the sick, removed burdens and was moved with love and compassion for the lost.

The theme of this conference is to be "Naturally Supernatural" Christians and is based on the call of the Church to be Jesus to the community around us.  We are called to reach out to people in a natural way, through the Spiritual giftings God has given us.

At this conference, believers will be given the opportunity to learn about the gifts God has given them, activate them in a safe environment and practice amongst fellow group participants.  Everyone will then have the opportunity to engage and connect with the local Whakatane community and put ministry into action.  This may include a prophetic word, a specific prayer or praying for healing. It could perhaps be a short gospel message with a person the Lord leads you to share with.

Each participant will have the opportunity to step out according to how they are feeling the Holy Spirit direct them.

Our Hope For You

"As facilitators , our deepest hope is that this conference will be about discovering the giftings that God has given you and activating them.  Through a series of biblical teaching sessions, participants will learn to wait on and hear the voice of the Holy Spirit.  Our desire is for you to receive spiritual insight and promptings and then step out in faith to minister the love of Christ to others.  We trust every participant will experience personal growth in these areas and will return to their local churches or places of influence with a life style of waiting on and hearing the promptings of the Holy Spirit.  That you will will then walk in your God given authority and giftings and do so in a 'naturally supernatural' way. "  Joe Mathews


About Retreat Facilitators 

Joe Mathews

Joe is a graduate of the Bible College of New Zealand.  Both he and his wife Bev have been involved in cross cultural evangelism and missions for over 30 years.

For the last few years they have been involved in itinerant ministry across the Body of Christ in New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific Islands.  They currently live in Brisbane where they are also involved in a new community church plant ministry.

Danny Smith

Danny is a passionate, anointed,  international speaker/teacher of the Word of God.  His teaching on the "New Zealand Creation Reality" has transformed many of his students who attend his weekly night bible classes in Whakatane.  Danny is also a graduate of Rehma Bible College in Scotland.

Carol Rigby

Carol runs her own accounting business in Auckland and is very passionate about seeing people changed, restored  and healed.  Her heart is to see God's giftings operating in people's daily lives. Carol is particularily interested in the prophetic and is gifted in hearing what the Lord is saying in regards to ministry.  She facilitates a prophetic cell group through her church and is also involved in her city's Healing Rooms.

Retreat Q&A

What is the format of this conference?

The conference will begin on Thursday, November 24th and will finish on Saturday, November 26th.   

As mentioned above, this will be a LEARN and then DO environment, so be prepared to jump in and see God move.


Below is the tentative schedule and is subject to change:

Thursday 24th of November

7:00pm                 First Meeting/Greeting @ Knox Presbyterian Church Whakatane


Friday 25th of November

9am                       Morning Session @ Know=x Presbyterian Church Whakatane

1:30pm                 Afternoon Session @ Knox Presbyterian Church Whakatane

7pm                       Service @ Knox Presbyterian Church Whakatane


Saturday 26th of November

9am                       Morning Session @ Knox Presbyterian Church Whakatane

11:00am               Activation Outreach in town

7:00pm                 Testimony/Worship Time @ Know Presbyterian Church Whakatane


PLEASE NOTE:  There is no cost to attend any of the teaching sessions or practical outreach sessions at the conference.  We will however ask that participants give a koha (donation) towards the overhead costs of running the conference.

For more information, please contact Joe Mathews at

Posted: Wednesday 26 October 2016