What our guests are saying...

"I was a bit reluctant to come to a retreat on Spirituality & Aging, however, I am so glad I came as I met with God in new ways.  I came away spiritually refreshed and with tools to continue my journey towards a greater intimacy with the Lord."

"Don't change anything.  Titoki is amazing physically and spiritually.  A truly unique place."

" Titoki Christian Healing Centre is the amazing, caring & unique place I came to after the tragic sudden death of my son.  I was trapped in grief, tired and broken.  I arrived at night after a long drive.  I was greeted at the door with a welcome and hugs. It was warm and homely with a lovely smell of dinner.  The table was set and I felt like I had come home. My room was very warm and comfortable with fresh flowers and a welcome card.  In the morning, when I opened my curtains, my room looked out over the extensive lawns and gardens, mature trees and cows in the paddock. I started crying and felt a strong sense of being led here by God to be nurtured and comforted.....it felt like a version of heaven. My time continued with peace, quiet, beautiful meals made from home grown produce.....the staff were always around with pleasant conversation and constantly engaging in my needs and wellbeing.  The counselling I received helped me to manage my grief better and progress on a healing pathway.  I have returned 3 times with the same wonderful experience.  I could stay forever."

"To all you lovely people at Titoki....I can't thank you all enough for your loving, caring help and hospitality.  I have felt nurtured, ready, and strengthened.  Love to you all."

" I had the most wonderful and enriching four days at the magnificent Titoki Healing Centre.  Margie, Roger, Christine and all the other staff and volunteers made me very welcome.  Titoki is the ultimate place for relaxation and direction.  The food is restaurant quality and the rooms are very comfortable with great views of the vast garden area.  God bless you all and I look forward to returning to this wonderful haven."

"Caring, friendly staff, restful environment, no distractions, excellent counselling........"

"Thank you so much to Roger and Margie, Titoki Staff and Volunteers running Titoki and making sure that your guests are relaxed and comfortable.  It's awesome to see and experience your love for God and the way you show your love is beautiful and I can't thank you enough."

"The service at Titoki is amazing.  Everybody treats you with kindness and respect and the staff go the extra mile for guests in order to fulfill their needs and bring them happiness."

"Whereever I looked I saw love.  The minute I walked into the bedroom.  The lavender flowers, the personalised bookmark with my special verse on it.  The vase of flowers and candles in the bathrooms and on the tables.  The lavishness of love was God whispering to me in the beauty of the loving touches.  Saying to me 'you are special, I love you, you are worth it.' I am so glad I came.  Thank you so much for loving on me!" 

"Well done team.  Your food is divine.  Such a blessing to our bodies."

"It is truly a 'Heaven Haven.' The peace and quiet is incredible.  The people here are truly amazing and should be humbled that God has put them in such a needed environment."

"All around lovely retreat and support from all staff.  Hospitality plus!

"The staff are so friendly and welcoming.  Titoki has a lovely feel. Really enjoyed my stay.  Thank you so much to everyone and God bless."

"A lovely, safe place to unwind and allow the Lord to minister in the deep places of my heart.  Very grateful for this time."


Posted: Friday 23 September 2016