New Growth Spring Retreat | September 10


This retreat is called New Growth Spring Retreat and will be facilitated by Rachel Mackay.

Rachel Mackay is currently working at Interserve NZ, a mission agency sending people to be Christ’s disciples and bringing light in various roles in Asia and the Middle East.

“My role is Personnel Pastoral Care Director.  I talk with our partners working in various locations and help them process  transitions and have time to continue reflecting on the how they are and who they are in Christ. Since training in 2005 as a spiritual director I enjoy hearing and supporting people in their life journeys.”

The New Growth Spring Retreat is intended to be an opportunity for a brief pause in the busyness of life for anyone who seeks some special moments of stillness with God.  The morning will take some moments of silence.  There will be times to talk together and share  for those wanting to bring their voice to this time. Times of quiet contemplation around the theme of new growth will happen after brief consideration of this theme through life and scripture.

No matter how old or young, content or discontent we are in life, we are always growing.  God is part of this. Sometimes He puts flesh on old bones  and sometimes through wider experience in this world, He encourages us to seek Him and to keep growing.


Retreat Q&A

Will this retreat be taken in silence?

This retreat will have periods of silence for reflection.


What is the format of the retreat?

The format will be delivered in a reflective setting.  It will combine aspects of talking and sharing alongside opportunities to listen and reflect. 

The retreat will commence at 9:30am and finish by 12:30.  Morning tea will be provided. 


What do we need to bring?

Handouts and some art supplies will be provided (such as paper & coloured pencils)  but attendees are very welcome to bring journals or ipads - whichever they prefer to use in contemplative times.

Can you describe the accommodation at Titoki?

Titoki provides an atmosphere that offers rest and restoration - from the comfortable beds, the pretty gardens and scenery, the inviting courtyard, a beautiful little chapel and lovely food all provided by gracious, caring hosts. It is a setting that provides the perfect back-drop for this retreat. 

What are the costs?

The retreat itself costs $25 for the morning. $15 if you are not working or retired.  This includes morning tea on Saturday.

If you wish to come stay at Titoki the Friday night beforehand, we have rooms available for booking.  Additional cost is $125 for double room with ensuite or $110 for single room with shared bath.  This price includes Friday night dinner and breakfast on Saturday morning.


How do we book?

Contact the Titoki team as soon as possible to secure your spot.  Email:  Phone:  07 308 6503   Address: 71 Titoki Road, Whakatane

We look forward to meeting you and hosting you at Titoki for this special retreat which we are all looking forward to.

Every blessing,

Margie Upton | Titoki Counsellor

Posted: Tuesday 23 August 2016