God's Way of Beauty | Titoki Retreat June 10-12

'God's Way of Beauty' Titoki Directed Silent Retreat June 10 - 12

Dear Friends,

We invite you to join us for a fully hosted directed silent weekend retreat at Titoki Christian Healing Centre in rural Whakatane from Friday June 10 - Sunday June 12.  

The retreat is called God's Way of Beauty and will be facilitated by Linda Parnell and Bev van der Westyhuyzen.

‘God’s Way of Beauty’ is Part 2 of a retreat held in November at Titoki called Touch of Beauty: Discovering God’s Beauty.  The first retreat was on the healing power of everyday beauty and focused on how by receiving the gifts of Beauty we are called back to life in all its fullness. Beauty calls us not only to live, but to live beautifully in the world.  This retreat will deepen that focus by inviting participants to reflect richly on God’s Beauty.

God’s Way of Beauty is about reclaiming Beauty from the false image of glamour and moving beyond the concept of beauty as personal preference - by focusing on Christ who is not only True Beauty, but who is also the Way, the Truth and the Life. 

True beauty is an objective reality as seen through creation and ascetics – but also reflected through a heart turned fully toward God. The heart that has been touched by true Beauty is transformed, and develops a richer way of ‘seeing and being.’

The content will therefore include cultivating this interior landscape of beauty, and reflecting on how that is lived out in our lives so that we in turn, become bearers of true beauty, truth and light in the world.

Everyone is welcome to attend this retreat.  There is no prerequisite of having attended the earlier retreat to register.

Our Hope For You

Spiritual direction is about helping people notice the movements of God in their everyday living, often in ways that we don’t notice.  We tend to notice the extra-ordinary and can miss the ways God is present in our lives in the smallest details.

"As counsellors and spiritual directors, our hope is that retreatants will be drawn to notice how cultivating an appreciation of God’s Beauty in their lives can not only change the way we ‘see’ God, ourselves, others and the world, but also bring healing to our own lives. It can strengthen us to create a healing attitude and environment for the benefit of others. We hope participants will increase their appreciation of Beauty and cultivate a way of being that brings life, meaning and purpose to their own lives and to the lives of all they come in contact with." ~ Linda & Bev


About Retreat Facilitators 

Linda Parnell

I have been married for 43 years, have 3 adult children and 7 grandchildren.  I completed a degree in counselling from Bethlehem Tertiary Institute, following which I trained as a spiritual director through Spiritual Growth Ministries (SGM). 

I currently have a private practice in my home in Tauranga, where I offer both counselling and spiritual direction. My own journey of ‘Touch of Beauty’ is based on Isaiah 61:3, which speaks of receiving ‘beauty for ashes’. 

This arose out of a period of ill-health, burn-out and other difficulties which culminated in God’s prompting to bring a touch of beauty into my everyday life, which brought significant healing and transformation. Subsequently, it has been as a result of His guidance and leading that I now have the privilege and the heart to share this journey with others.  

Bev van der Westhuyzen

Bev is a wife, mother and grandmother. She has a Diploma in Counselling (Bethlehem Tertiary Institute) and is also a spiritual director (SGM). Her ‘special interest’ topic at SGM was Spirituality and Aging.  She is also a Companion for the Seasons Grief Programme, and was a School Chaplain for a number of years.

As a former missionary she has experienced many cultures and lived in six countries. She is a compassionate listener and support person and is aware of the implications of major life changes.  Currently she enjoys a quieter, more contemplative lifestyle in Tauranga.


Retreat Q&A

Will this retreat be taken in silence?

This will be a guided retreat with periods of silence encouraged for reflection. Silence will commence at the 7pm service and will continue throughout the programme except for meal-times.  However participants may opt to spend their meals in silence if they choose.


What is the format of the retreat?

The format will be delivered in a reflective setting.  It will combine aspects of sharing and teaching alongside opportunities to listen and reflect.  Retreatants will be invited to spend time alone in quiet reflection and to create an  ‘art journal’ to visually record and represent their own discoveries.  (Journals, drawing and collage materials and other decorative elements are provided by us and included in the cost of the retreat).  Other activities will also be provided.

It is a process that honours our uniqueness and the way God invites us to celebrate who we are in Him. An opportunity to step aside from the cultural pressure for us to conform to the world’s model of beauty, in order to reconnect with the unique qualities He has placed in each of us.  People will also be offered a spiritual direction session to deepen their reflections. 

People are encouraged to arrive from 5pm in time to settle in their rooms before dinner. The first session will commence at 7:00pm on Friday evening and the retreat will conclude with afternoon tea at 3:00pm on Sunday. 


Can you describe the accommodation at Titoki?

Titoki provides an atmosphere that offers rest and restoration - from the comfortable beds, the pretty gardens and scenery, the inviting courtyard, a beautiful little chapel and lovely food all provided by gracious, caring hosts. It is a setting that provides the perfect back-drop for this retreat.  All meals are included in the price, including delicious morning and afternoon teas. 


What are the retreat accomodation costs?

The retreat cost is $225 which includes accomodation at Titoki, meals and all materials.  A koha (donation) for the retreat facilitators would also be appreciated.  For those who opt for a single-bed room with shared bathroom, the price is $185. 

UPDATE 30 May 16  This retreat is now full.  If you would like to put your name on a cancellation list, please contact us.

What do we need to bring?

People only need to bring their Bibles, a koha for the facilitators and a bag for the journal and pieces they will collect during the retreat. They may wish to bring favourite colouring pencils etc if they choose, but as these will be provided this is not essential.  


How do we book?

Contact the Titoki team as soon as possible to secure your spot.  Email: info@titoki.org.nz  Phone:  07 308 6503   Address: 71 Titoki Road, Whakatane

We look forward to meeting you and hosting you at Titoki for this special retreat which we are all looking forward to.

Every blessing,

Margie Upton | Titoki Counsellor


Posted: Saturday 7 May 2016