Titoki Retreat | 'HELP for Weight Loss' with Bill Black

HELP for Weight Loss | Titoki Retreat Jan 29 - Feb 3

Dear Friends,

We invite you to join us for a fully hosted weekend retreat at Titoki Christian Healing Centre in rural Whakatane from Friday Jan 29 - Wednesday Feb 3. This is an exciting new course never been run at TCHC and we are expecting a lot of interest. Utilising the long weekend means just two days off work.

Over five days we will explore a more informed approach to weight loss without resorting to points systems, weighing out minute quantities of food or running yourself ragged. The informational seminars will be hosted by Bill Black. Margie Upson will be starting each day getting our hearts and minds in the right place and also providing individual counselling for those who want it. 

Please book early to secure your spot. Email WeightLossEnquiries@gmail.com for a registration form or with any further questions (the Titoki office will be closed over the Christmas and New Year break).

Who Is The Retreat For?

This series of seminars and workshops is for adults of all ages who believe they need to lose weight. We don't need to tell you if you should lose weight - you know that yourself. Both singles and couples are welcome, as well as parents concerned for their children who are showing signs of being overweight and want to turn the trend around.

We recognise that some forms of weight gain are a direct result of medical conditions causing excessive adiposity or fluid retention. This retreat will not address those issues. The retreat focus will include: 

  • teaching how our bodies respond to different foods, rest, sleep and exercise, and the normal effect that has on our weight with respect to body fat.
  • mindfulness, thoughtfulness and being at peace with ourselves as we consider lifestyle changes.
  • the opportunity to take some time out and enjoy the peacefulness of Titoki, the hot pools, perhaps a different menu than you are used to and some good company as you look forward to an exciting 2016.

About Bill Black and why he is motivated to provide this retreat.

Bill is an engineer, Christian and one eternally interested in how things work. His life's been a journey of discovery not least of all what causes weight gain or loss. He has been an active member of various churches from the beginning of his teens. Keenly interested in helping people, he maintained gardens for the older members since his university days and counselled and encouraged the younger ones. In both circles it was obvious how being 'bigger than others' was such a disadvantage. He helped the best he could.

In 1999 Bill moved to London and within two years was beginning to 'battle the bulge' himself. It was crazy! “For 30 years I ate everything I could lay my hands on and was barely a healthy weight – a decade in London and I was 110kg!” Making changes to his diet for health reasons he saw 20kg shed over the next year. Yet when he focused on weight loss rather than health, he started gaining weight again!!! It was mystifying. Applying an engineering approach, he sought answers and it wasn't until he understood something about biology and not what dietitians say, that weight loss started happening again.

A word from Bill

I have always been the guy in the background getting on with things, avoiding being up the front because it is such a great responsibility to be a teacher. But I just can’t keep quiet about so many of the things that I have learnt recently. All my adult life I have been helping individuals one way or another. As I started to share these new weight loss insights with friends, and started coaching them, they started losing weight too. One friend has tried dieting many times and failed like most people testify to. Her GP put her on a three month course of expensive prescription drugs and she barely lost any weight. She lost the same weight after a fortnight being coached by me. I couldn’t keep this to myself... and so this retreat was born.

"Being bigger than you want to be is such a significant factor in many people’s lives, without even considering the health issues. Approaching weight loss armed with knowledge is my contribution to your renewed happiness." ~ Bill Black

Retreat Q&A

Can you tell me more about the content/theme of the retreat?

The retreat will be an informative approach to weight loss. We won’t be telling you the mainstream dogma of simply “eat less and exercise more”. Instead we will look at the basic biology of digestion and energy management within the body to see how we can affect weight loss the most effectively. The retreat is going to spend a little time myth busting too – sadly what is common knowledge about many subjects, not just weight loss, is what big business and personalities have promoted through public platforms. We are going to be very careful not to tell you anything is “good for you” without an explanation. These five days are really about 'the explanation' so that you can go back to your homes and make informed decisions about losing weight - and how fast you want to do it - while still being healthy and not starving.

What do you hope people will experience?

The core informational part of each day will be an interactive learning session in the morning and a question and answer “tutorial” style session in the afternoon that is designed to put you in the driving seat and to consolidate knowledge. Most importantly the day starts with getting ourselves in the right frame of mind after (or before) a hearty breakfast. Bill is not a morning person so he is particularly looking forward to these!

Massages will also be available in the afternoons as well as enjoying any or all of the facilities at Titoki. In the evenings we propose visiting the nearby hot pools, catching a movie, having a BBQ on the beach and more (subject to the weather).

By Wednesday, we hope that you will be both informed and enthusiastic about losing some weight and reaching your personal goals.

How is the facilitator connected with Titoki?

At the beginning of 2015 Bill visited Titoki with his sister for some time out and to spend some quality time together. It turned into an interesting few days talking with Margie about life and not least of all finding they had a common interest in health matters. The seed was sown.

What is the format of the retreat?

Friday guests arrive after dinner from 6:30pm.
We will hold a Friday evening session at 7pm followed by supper. Numbers are limited so that everyone can be comfortable with asking questions and taking information on board at their own pace throughout the retreat.

The Titoki team is happy to collect you from a bus or plane if you are travelling by public transport to be with us.

Saturday through to Wednesday we will have a fixed programme throughout the morning, the main two items being a mindfulness session with Margie and a nutritional session with Bill.

Afternoons are much more open for individuals to have a massage, take the opportunity for some counselling, enjoy the grounds or take some time out. Before dinner will be a tutorial session with Bill to answer questions and consolidate information presented in the morning.


When do people arrive and leave?

If possible please arrive and check-in in time for an opportunity to meet the staff at 7:30pm Friday evening. If you are coming from work or form afar, please let us know if you will be late. The Titoki team are happy to collect you from a bus or plane if you are travelling by public transport to be with us.

The programme will conclude with lunch on Wednesday but there is no need to rush off if you want to use the grounds or purchase a massage after checking out of the rooms.

How would you describe the accommodation?

Titoki is built around a former 1920 homestead, with six hectares of spacious grounds and gardens. The rooms are comfortable and appointed to motel/hotel standard. Meals are taken together in the dining room or in the enclosed sunny courtyard.


How much does it cost?

$745 with full board for a single room and shared bathroom,

$799 for one person in a double room with en suite,

$1425 for two people sharing a double room with en suite.

This includes a complementary massage on site. Other optional services or another massage may incur charges.

What meals are included?

All meals from Saturday breakfast until Wednesday lunch. Meals use Titoki’s home grown vegetables, meat and eggs whenever possible.

How many people do you have space for?

There are six double bedrooms with en suites, and five single rooms with shared bathrooms.

What do we need to bring?

Pack for five days, casual wear. Bring a towel and swimwear if you want to go to the hot pools or swim in the sea, and bring walking shoes if you would like to walk near or around Titoki, or at the beach. A notebook is recommended. 

How do we book?

Contact Bill Black as soon as possible to secure your spot.  Email: WeightLossEnquiries@gmail.com for a registration form or any further questions. The Titoki office will be closed over the Christmas and New Year break.

If this is for you book early to secure a space.

Come with an open mind and an expectant heart. 

Posted: Tuesday 1 December 2015